, - Gedichten
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See the fruit within the apple,
It's impossible you say?
Cause the fruit just IS the apple?
Try to see the magic play...

Just as fruit is in an(d) apple,
So enlightenment is you.
It's the essence of your being.
Leave the labels, see it's true.
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, - Gedichten
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Every year will pass
it isn't time that lasts.

Beyond the months and weeks
is a voice that speaks.

To hear it you can start
to listen to your heart.

Do not mind a thought
so you won't get caught:
believe the truth it lies
get tricked by its diguise.

Let your mind be so
and awareness grow.

Something is behind
all the veils of mind.

Feel then, feel and see
beauty of the free.

Journeys of the soul
learning without goal.

Here it is a must
to develop trust.

All is faced with love,
guidance from above,
courage deep inside.

Able to abide.

Then the truth within
your sanity and sin
shines itself to you,

says you're holy too.
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Vederlicht en zwaartekracht 
, - Gedichten
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De pluizen in de wereld
bewegen zichzelf niet.
Daarom bewegen zij heel vredig,
en kennen geen verdriet.

De pluizen kennen slechts de zwaarte,
die hen tezamen houdt.
Wij mensen zijn geheel hetzelfde
als pluizen opgebouwd.

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